Do I Need to Provide My Own Safety Equipment When Renting Water Sports Equipment from Mykonos Boat Rental?

Is gas included in the rental price? Not. We ship it with a full tank of gas and, when you return, you will be charged for the fuel you use.

Can you bring alcohol on the boat?

Yes. Alcoholic beverages are allowed, however, there must be a designated driver to drive the boat.

Is a boater's license required to operate the ship? Not. Must have an EE. UU. active.

We will ask you to watch our safety video and review the features of the ship. In addition, you will be granted a temporary boater's license to operate the boat during the rental time.Who should see the security video? Every person who will drive the boat. What is the age limit for driving a boat and a jet ski? For both, 18 years old and with an active driver's license. A 16-year-old child can ride a jet ski alone, as long as there is a parent or guardian who remains in sight.Do you have kayaks, canoes, paddleboards or rowboats? Not.

Where do we take out the trash after we leave? We recommend that you carry a garbage bag with you to contain and remove the garbage from the boat. There is a green trash bin at the end of our entrance in which we ask you to deposit all your garbage.Do you sell fishing gear, baits or licenses? Not. Can we bring our own tube? We prefer that you use our tubes because they fit in the designated areas.Can we pull a tube with a jet ski? Not. Our jet skis are not designed to be towed.

Can I launch my boat or jet skis from your ramp? Not. There is a publicly accessible ramp in Dandridge that allows this.What are the conditions for my location to be approved for one-night rentals? The pier where you plan to host one of our rentals must be in a cove and have a private pier with at least six feet of water. What is the maximum number of occupants in your rentals? All of our pontoons can accommodate 10 people with a weight capacity of 1500 pounds and the tritons can accommodate 12 people with a weight capacity of 1800 pounds.We have life jackets for every age and weight. Do they have discounts for the military? Yes.

Let us know in advance that you're a veteran, whether you're active or retired, and we'll apply your discount to you.How long will it take for the hold on my card to be released? It depends on your bank, but plan for 2 to 5 business days. Can I give cash as a deposit to cover possible damage? Yes. This is actually more ideal so that you don't have to hold your card.Once you return to the pier, your money will be returned to you after inspecting the equipment at checkout.What happens once I return from my rental time? A longshoreman will guide you back inside. You'll pick up all your personal items and trash.

Return to the office window to pay the cost of fuel.What happens if the equipment is damaged? All our equipment requires a deposit to cover possible damage. Once you return from your rental time and the inspection concludes that the damage has been caused, we will discuss the damage with you and inform you of the cost of the damage. Depending on the damage it will depend on the cost. The deposit we have is not a fixed fee.What do I do if I turn around and get lost in the lake? GPS works in water, so you can use the maps on your phone.

You can also call our office and someone can help you get back to what you already know.How do I know if I'm low on gas? All of our equipment has fuel meters that work to help you consider how much fuel you have.Do you offer partial refunds if we return before the rental time? Not.Do the ships have changing rooms? Yes. Are reservations required? Reservations are highly recommended. If you decide not to book, there is a chance that we may not have the equipment you are looking for available.Is there a discount if I rent more than one piece of equipment? Not.What is the difference between a pontoon and a newt? A pontoon has 2 floats and a 60 hp or 115 hp engine. A newt has 3 floats, which makes it more stable and ideal for tubing, skiing, wakeboarding or kneeboarding.

Our tritons have 150, 200 and 250 hp engines.Can I pull a tube with a pontoon (60 hp or 115 hp)? Our pontoons could place a tube behind them, but it would be more like a slow river type ride.If there are tweens, teenagers or adults who are going to use tubes, our recommendation is at least the 150 hp Tritoon.The cushion, fire extinguisher, and safety equipment should not be used for any purpose other than in case of emergency. Any misused equipment must be paid in full. We provide safety equipment for the boat, with the exception of vests for babies and some vests for children.Anyone under the age of twelve must wear a life jacket at all times. I understand that I have a duty to exercise reasonable care for my own safety and that of others involved, and I agree to do so.All ships come with the right safety equipment, life jackets, flotation cushion, oars or oars, anchor, engine shutdown key and instructions on navigation operations.All customers who rent a motor boat must purchase the fuel consumed when returning the boat.In the event that a payment must be processed over the phone, Burton Boat Rentals LLC's policy is to enter information directly into another third-party provider using Stripe, the Collect application, which is used to process manual transactions.

The undersigned specifically agrees that Burton Boat Rentals...