What Safety Equipment is Provided with Boat Rentals in Mykonos?

If you're planning a boat trip in Mykonos, it's important to know what safety equipment is provided with each rental boat. GoDive Mykonos Boat Trips offers a variety of boats for rent, and each one comes with a range of safety features. All boats must remain 500 meters from the coast and must stay within the approved operating area, which can be found on the maps. Additionally, all boats are equipped with GPS locators so that they can be tracked at all times.

When you rent a boat from GoDive Mykonos Boat Trips, you're covered by insurance from the moment you board until the moment you disembark. This insurance covers any potential damages to the boat or any fines that may be incurred due to intoxication or other violations of the law. In any case, Nautica Marine reserves the right to recover the boat and keep all rental fees if any damage is done. If you're looking for an unforgettable experience in Mykonos, consider renting a boat from GoDive Mykonos Boat Trips.

With a variety of boats available and comprehensive safety features, you can explore the beautiful southern coast of Mykonos and the wild island of Dragonisi with peace of mind.